Flash floods gush through Buddhist temple after heavy rain in Thailand

This is the terrifying moment heavy rain sparked flash floods which gushed through a Buddhist temple. Devotee Zenda Santhang was visiting the religious building when she took shelter from the monsoon storm in Lopburi, central Thailand, last Saturday (September 21) afternoon. But there was no escaping the torrential weather and the deluge poured down nearby mountains before battering the temple, which is built into the hillside. Footage shows the muddy brown water swamping the white and gold fixtures and fittings. Zenda was shocked by the scene and feared the homes further down the valley would be flooded. She said: "The flood came down the mountain with such a strong current. Water rushed through the temple. It was scary and powerful. I was worried that homes further down the mountain would also be flooded.'' Thailand has been suffering storms and flood across the country for the last few weeks during the height of the rain season. Unfortunately, the Meteorological Department said that the country will continue to suffer from intense rain for the next three days until September 26.