Flat Earthers deny taking cruise to Antarctic to see 'the edge of the world'

Colin Drury

It is, according to Flat Earth conspiracy theorists, the place where the world ends – but, for now, it seems, they have no plans to go there and prove it.

Reports that believers have chartered a cruise ship to go in search of the planet’s outer edge at the Antarctic are – a little like the group themselves, helio-centrics might say – somewhat confused.

Newspapers across the globe have reported theorists are planning an expedition to the ice continent to prove, contrary to 600 years of orthodox thought, the world is not spherical.

The rumours appear to have started after prominent Flat Earther Robbie Davidson, who is organising a cruise for believers in 2020, told Forbes magazine he would like to explore the Antarctic one day.

But he has since clarified his comments and said such a trip will not be taking place during next year’s cruise.

That, he says, will stick to warmer waters, and will merely be a chance for believers to come together and network.

He told Forbes: “When we look at Antarctica if you take a globe and you squish it down, the Antarctic would go all the way around the Earth.

“It's kind of like an ice shore and it's very, very large. It's not like you just go there, and you can just peek over it. We don't believe anything can fall off the edge, because a big portion of the flat earth community believes that we're in a dome, like a snow globe.

“So the Sun, moon, and stars are all inside. It's very high but all contained inside. So there's no way to actually fall off of the Earth."

In his later statement Mr Davidson, who organises the annual Flat Earth International Conference, said the 2020 excursion is “just a cruise”, and the group isn't yet shooting to find the “ice shore” at the end of the world.