Flight Attendants Are Calling Out The Most Entitled Things Passengers Have Done, And I'm Honestly Taken Aback

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We recently asked flight attendants of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most entitled passengers they've ever encountered. Here are the shocking results:

1.These joy riders:

"I was working a night flight long haul from Barbados to London, and it was a quiet flight. Two people on the back row of economy were…how can I put this delicately…bouncing. She was having a little joy ride. As I passed, I made a comment along the lines of 'if I can see you, so can the children, and this is not for children's eyes.' They stopped and remained in their own seats for the rest of the flight."


2.This head shaver:

"Had a passenger in business class get angry with me because I told him to STOP SHAVING HIS HEAD DURING THE MEAL SERVICE. I started handing out the meals, heard a vibrating sound, and assumed someone was masturbating — but then found this guy, shaving his head bald at his seat. Electric razors are technically allowed onboard, so all I could ask him was to please not shave or go to the bathroom instead. HOW BALD DO YOU NEED TO BE on a five-hour flight?"

—30, Canada

3.These oblivious parents:

A toddler dangerously stands up on a seat in a plane

"I was working an international flight, and a woman, her husband, and children were seated in the rear of the plane, and I was working the back galley. The mom had the youngest child in her lap and the older child was climbing all over everything — on the seats, in the galley (while I was cooking). It was so dangerous to have a toddler climbing in and out of the food and beverage carts, pulling at all the emergency equipment, and climbing on the jump seats while his father was busy drinking. After about an hour or so of chasing the little one out of the galley and back to his family, I carried him to his mom and dad, plopped him in daddy's lap, and said, 'Sir, you need to take care of your child...!' Mom looked embarrassed, but the kid didn't come into my galley for the rest of the flight."

—58, Florida

Maria Argutinskaya / Getty Images / iStockphoto

4.These awful comments:

"On the other end of the entitlement spectrum were the a-hole men who felt entitled to grab me and make gross 'stewardess fantasy' comments. This was pre-#MeToo, so the airline did very little to protect us."


5.This "emergency" call:

"I was once working a flight during severe turbulence, which means that it's not safe for us to be out of our seats. We quickly put the drink cart away and made an announcement that we were suspending service. Someone pushed the call button, and I made another announcement that we were experiencing severe turbulence, and to please hit the call button again (to turn it off) if it was not an emergency. I waited a few seconds, and they didn’t turn it off, so I cautiously made my way from the back of the plane to the front, slamming into the aisles on both sides. I reached the passenger and he very nonchalantly says, 'Hi, can I get some water for my cat?' Um no, sir, you cannot."


6.This Diet Coke drinker:

"At 21, I spent about a year at a famously non-union airline. While I met some amazing passengers, they sadly paled in comparison to the entitled ones. One time, we had an emergency on flight where a gentleman passed out, and we had to have a doctor on board to assist him for quite awhile. When an emergency happens, flight attendants have certain roles, and I was sent to get the oxygen and first-aid kit. As I was coming back down the aisle with the oxygen tank and first-aid kit in my arms, a woman literally yanked on my sleeve and told me, 'I asked for a Diet Coke nearly 10 minutes ago.' I was so flabbergasted that I looked at her and said, 'Did you not hear us asking if there was a doctor on board?' And walked away."


7.This mask drama:

Someone holds up a face mask on an airplane

"My mother works for an airline and comes home with stories constantly about passengers. However, one of the worst ones comes within the last two months, in the midst of a pandemic. The FAA requires passengers to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth during the duration of the flight, with the exception of eating and drinking, where you are expected to cover in between eating and drinking. One passenger, from a state that didn’t have restrictions from masking, refused to put on his mask, my mother went over and asked him to comply with the mask mandate or he would be met with a fine; he responded, 'No thanks, I’ll take my chances.' Then every other FA went over and asked him to put on a mask, he responded with the same thing to every other flight attendant. He received a $29k fine for refusing to put on his mask after being asked by four flight attendants, and he was put on a no-fly list for the airline. Like, seriously, people??? We are in a pandemic, and you are deciding to travel in a metal tube filled with germs in the middle of the sky — the least you can do is cover your nose and mouth!"

—49, USA

Aitor Diago / Getty Images

8.This wine spill:

"I worked as a flight attended during grad school. Worked a JFK-LAX flight, and before we even took off, a woman in business class spilled her wine on herself, the floor, and the passenger next to her. I brought linens to help, mostly to help the passenger next to her, but when I knelt down to wipe the floor, she stuck her leg in my face as if I was supposed to clean her?!?!? I stood up, handed her the linens and asked the passenger next to her if there was anything else I could do, and then walked away."

—38, Portland, OR

9.This plot twist:

"A passenger was boarded utilizing an aisle chair. She had no mobility and couldn’t move herself, so two men lifted her up from the aisle chair and into her seat. After we arrived to our destination and I opened the passenger entry door, that same passenger had already jumped up from her seat, grabbed her bag out of the overhead bin, and was the first person to skip off the plane. My jaw hit the floor — I was speechless."

—32, Texas

10.This angry hangover:

A gin and tonic on a tray

"I was working first class on this flight. This hungover guy came on board our early morning flight with his wife and little girl. He said they were supposed to be on an earlier flight, but he was so drunk, it didn’t happen. We were supposed to be in first class but now have to be in economy.' Fast-forward to inflight. This guy saunters up to me in first and asks for a gin and tonic. I tell him it’ll cost $8. He yells, 'You’re making me PAY for a drink? I was SUPPOSED to be in first class!' (Drinks in first are free). I calmly tell him he’ll have to pay, and he then walks to the back of the plane to try the same thing back there, but it obviously doesn’t work. During this time, the seat-belt sign had come on, and I had made an announcement to return to your seat and fasten your seat belts, but this guy comes stomping up to me and yells even louder, 'I need a drink! The guys in the back wouldn’t f**king give me one, but I am supposed to be flying first class!' I say, 'I’m sorry sir, economy doesn’t get free alcohol. I’d be happy to charge you $8 for a drink.' He goes, 'This is BULLSH*T. The seat belt sign is on, and I’ve gone back and forth trying to get my drink. If I hit the ceiling, I’m suing YOUR ass and your airline’s ass!' I say, with my fakest flight attendant smile, 'Then I suggest you take your seat and fasten your seat belt, sir.'"

—30, USA

Annie Otzen / Getty Images

11.This first-class hot mess:

"I once had a woman who refused to fasten her seat belt, demanded a cocktail the minute she stepped on the aircraft, and told me that if I didn’t show her bag properly, she would immediately contact the CEO of my company. She then stopped in the middle of the first-class cabin and decided it was a great time to repack her carry-on with a jetway full of people behind her. She took up the entire aisle with the contents of her bag and then decided to leave it there while she sauntered off to the back of the plane to 'freshen up.' Needless to say, she didn’t even make it past the first-class cabin divider before security hauled her away. Good times."

—50, Washington

12.This baby "hater":

"One time, I was working a flight, and a woman rang her flight attendant call button. I asked her if she needed anything, and she started yelling, 'I can’t recline my seat!' I looked to see that a baby in a car seat was behind her. I said, 'Ma’am there is a baby in a car seat behind you.' She replied, 'Well move it!' I said, 'I can’t…It’s a baby.' I offered her to switch to the empty seat that was on the aisle in her same exact row. She declined, stated that she should not have to move and the baby should have to move, and said she would be writing a complaint to the airline."

—30, New York

13.This in-flight pedi:

A passenger sticks their bare feet out into the aisle

"There are so many, but how about the time a woman had her bare feet on the tray table, giving herself a pedicure?"

—56, Boston, MA

Jason Hosking / Getty Images

14.And this toenail-clipping nightmare:

"My cousin was a flight attendant and always had the best stories — or the worst! The worst one ever was a guy in first class was clipping his TOENAILS during the boarding process!!! Toenails were going all over the cabin, so she kindly asked him to please stop. He got angry and yelled at her. Then, he sent a letter to her airline complaining about her. Uh, no. Just don't do your personal grooming in public!!!"

—53, Kansas

15.These annoying headphones — and this hilarious solution:

"It used to drive me wild when passengers would keep their headphones in when I asked them what they'd like to drink. One day, I thought I'd start mouthing the questions when a passenger wouldn't take their headphones out, rather than asking them out loud. Inevitably, most of them would raise their voices to shout their order again over their movie. Depending on what I felt like doing that day, I'd either continue to mouth the questions until they yanked their headphones out in frustration, or I'd give them a startled look at how loud they were being. This only works sans face mask of course. Looking forward to those days again."

—38, Vancouver, Canada

And finally...

16.This nasty surprise:

An empty bathroom on an airplane

"A couple years ago, I was working for a famous airline, and a first-class passenger pooped on the floor of the restroom. We knew it was him since he was the only one in first class. He wasn’t drunk or anything. It was just pure disrespect."


Vvf / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Fellow flight attendants, do you have a wild story with an entitled passenger? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.