Need a lift out of town? Catch the FlixBus at the Olympia Transit Center

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FlixBus, a regional bus service, began service to Olympia Thursday, Aug. 11, using the Olympia Transit Center in downtown Olympia, the business announced.

Service from Olympia will depart daily in multiple directions from the transit center at 205 Franklin St. NE. Stops include Seattle, Bellingham, Ellensburg and Spokane as well as Eugene and Corvallis, Oregon.

FlixBus also offers service to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the news release says.

“Intercity Transit is proud to welcome FlixBus to the Olympia Transit Center,” said Ann Freeman Manzanares, Intercity Transit’s General Manager, in a statement. “One of the primary drivers for expanding the transit center was to support multi-modal service, providing regional connections with local service. With FlixBus serving the Olympia Transit Center, our community has better access to regional and international transportation options.“

The service will be run by MTR Western, a Seattle-based FlixBus partner, according to the release.

FlixBus, based in Germany, also operates Greyhound, which began service out of the Olympia Transit Center in January.

Some potential riders couldn’t find Olympia on the FlixBus website Thursday morning, or book a ride. A company spokesman said, “It may take a day for Olympia to register on our route map since we just launched the line today, but you can still look up/book tickets through the website and app.”

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Greyhound to begin service out of Olympia Transit Center starting Jan. 15