This Floor Mat with 24,000 Five-Star Ratings Is So Good, My Parents Stole It from Me — and It’s on Sale Now

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It helped me cook during Thanksgiving without any back pain.



Thanksgiving in my house is defined by two things: plenty of dogs running around the kitchen, and plenty of drama to go along with it. Most of that stems from the fact that we’re on our feet all day between our tasks of latticing pies, stirring stock, and spatchcocking turkey. And once the cooking is finished, there’s still guests to entertain and dishes to be done. Suffice to say, at the end of every Thanksgiving, my feet and back are in pain, and my temper is short. Luckily, this year, I brought my favorite kitchen item to my parent’s house, and it saved my back, and my temper.

The ComfiLife floor mat is likely intended to be  a standing desk mat, but I’ve found it eases my back pain when I spend extended periods of time in the kitchen — like on Thanksgiving or when I’m baking bread, or even when I’m just doing a hefty load of dishes. I’ve used it for about a year at home, and it makes tasks like deveining shrimp (which takes way too long) or doing the dishes much more tolerable on my legs and my back. Best of all, it’s on sale ahead of the next wave of holiday cooking at 39% off at Amazon right now.



To buy: ComfiLife Floor Mat, $37 (originally $60) at

This mat has racked up over 24,900 perfect 5-star ratings, and I proudly agree. Not only is it comfortable to stand on (that should go without saying), but the design is incredibly sleek. I’ve seen other mats that look a little out of place, but this one blends in with any decor seamlessly. It matches my light wood floors and tile countertops, and it looks good with  my parents’ decor as well, even though they have darker countertops and wood floors.

The mat is made from memory foam, but doesn't sink in too much when I’m standing on it — I still feel like there’s a half inch or quarter inch between my feet and the floor. It’s also extremely easy to clean, which is great because I am always spilling things in the kitchen (I got the black one for exactly this reason). To clean it, you just use a wipe, or damp towel, and any mess comes right off. And even more importantly, it has grips on the bottom, so it doesn’t slide, even on hardwood floors.

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But don’t just take my word for it — Amazon reviewers love it, too. One reviewer writes that this mat “has been so good, we just ordered another for right in front of the sink.” Another shopper says, “this is my third one!” They expand that it helps with leg pain “when I stand for long periods or just a couple of minutes.”

Following Thanksgiving, my parents stole mine after using it throughout the weekend and feeling better than they normally do after all that cooking and standing. My first order of business on Black Friday was to purchase another one. And that’s how I knew it was worthwhile — I couldn’t wait to get home to order one, I needed to shop right away. Take advantage of this deal on Amazon while you can and save $23 right now

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