Floral Hearts Project memorializes pandemic dead

Volunteers laid floral hearts in public spaces across the U.S. on Monday through the Floral Heart Project. They act as public memorials for communities to grieve the more than 500,000 people who have died of COVID-19 in the country. (March 2)

Video Transcript

JILL FEDERMAN: I feel like I'm in a nightmare and I feel like I wish I could wake up and my father be here. And he never will be.

MICHELLE PEPE: In our dreams.


LISA MAZEROLLE: In our dreams.

JILL FEDERMAN: In our dreams.


MICHELLE PEPE: We never had a funeral. We never had any closure. He was treated as they were back then, as diseased nothing's, a body that nobody wanted to touch.


KRISTINA LIBBY: I would watch people kneel down and pray. I would watch people sort of kiss their fingers and then kiss the heart. And it was allowing them to feel like it was OK to admit our sadness in this moment.


LISA MAZEROLLE: The more awareness, the more people might understand like, oh wow. Like, this could happen to me.

MICHELLE PEPE: We have nothing. We don't have a memorial, so any memorial is just so precious. That Kristina thought to do this Floral Heart Project, and all of these volunteers and to memorialize our dads. They deserve it.