Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried To Defy Gov. DeSantis Order To Fly Flags At Half Staff To Honor Rush Limbaugh

That mixed legacy for Limbaugh has led some in the state to question whether Limbaugh is the sort of person who should be honored with flags being lowered to half-staff.

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:30, tonight we're hearing from State Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried about defying Governor Ron DeSantis's direction to lower state flags to half-staff in honor of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

NIKKI FRIED: But what he's doing is he's bending over backwards to honor a radio host has spent his entire career talking hate speech, and talking bigotry, and division, and conspiracy theories. And lowering our flag should be a symbol of unity, not division. Raising our--

- She went on to say that there is a state protocol that dictates when to lower the flag, and that's to honor a fallen hero, and servicemen and women.