This Florida black bear got pizza. This one got none. Watch as they visit family home

Tim and Amanda Hoover/Fox 35
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One black bear went out for pizza. One black bear got none.

A family in Florida’s Altamonte Springs watched surveillance video from their home to see two black bears stroll down their driveway onto a lit path. They walked up to the front porch where they found their version of a takeout pizza window.

Watch bears hunt pizza

Tim and Amanda Hoover watched on Monday night as the first bear “sniffed the trash can, knocked it over, grabbed a piece of pizza and took off,” Tim Hoover told Fox 35.

You can see that content bear take the slice and casually walk away as the second bear places its order from the same, uh, pizza shop. When that bear finds none, the bear audibly gives a sniff — in seeming frustration — and follows the same route off the porch, which seems to set off an alarm.

Thursday night, the two “customers” returned, Hoover told the station on Friday. “Last night, I’m sitting there. I’m like, wife had gone out this morning and said the trash can was knocked over. I’m like, ‘Oh no. Guess what? We had visitors again last night.’ So I went back through the video and sure enough, about 11:20, here they come.”

The couple say they are going to continue checking their camera at night to make sure there are no bears if they want to head out.

Living with bears

“Bears will congregate in areas of high food density,” according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The Florida black bear is the only species in the state.

“Bears are an important part of Florida’s ecosystem,” the commission notes. “To avoid conflicts, don’t approach or feed bears.”

The Hoovers told Fox 35 they are looking into getting “bear-proof garbage cans” — thus heeding one of the Fish and Wildlife Commission’s tips on living with bears.

If you need to report bears in your neighborhood contact and enter bear in the search box.

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