Florida building rescue efforts on Saturday morning

The New York Times is reporting that a consultant had warned three years before the collapse that there was evidence of "major structural damage" to the concrete slab below the pool deck, and abundant cracking and crumbling in the underground parking garage.

The Times said that consultant engineer Frank Morabito's October 2018 report had helped shape plans for a repair project that was set to get underway soon, more than two and a half years after the building managers were warned.

The paper said the complex’s management association had disclosed some of the problems in the wake of the collapse. But the release by Surfside officials late on Friday of Morabito's report made apparent the full nature of the concrete and rebar damage, it said. Most of the damage was probably caused by years of exposure to the corrosive salt air along the South Florida coast, it said.

Morabito gave no indication in his report that the structure was at risk of collapse, but noted that the needed repairs would be aimed at “maintaining the structural integrity” of the building and its 136 units, the Times said.

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