A Florida cop was headed home from work. Along came a ‘reckless driver,’ bodycam shows

An off-duty cop had a harrowing ride home from work on the Palm Coast of Florida last week, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Newly released bodycam footage posted to the agency’s Facebook page shows the drama that went down with Master Deputy Brad Stogdon on U.S. 1 at a little after 5 p.m. on Jan. 30.

After passing Stogdon’s patrol car, a “reckless driver” crashed into the back of another vehicle.


In the clip, you see the deputy pull over onto the shoulder near the crash scene, tap on the window and yell to the “unresponsive” man, “Sheriff’s office! Wake up for me!”

Suspecting an overdose, the post says, Stogdon then smashes the windows with a glass-breaking tool, pulls the individual out and begins CPR. He then administers Narcan, used for the emergency treatment of an opioid OD.

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A deputy with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office arrives to assist, along with paramedics. The FCSO says the subject later regained consciousness, was transported to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

The occupants of the other vehicle were not injured, the agency noted. A further investigation of the incident is being handled by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Facebook commenters congratulated the deputy on his quick response to save the man.

“Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for him and he gets better,” wrote in one about the driver.

“Wow, that could have been disastrous,” wrote in another.

“This could have ended catastrophically for himself and others,” agreed another social media user. “I’m so glad someone was watching over this gentleman and the person he hit.”

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