Florida’s COVID-19 cases remain high as deaths surpass 77,000

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COVID-19 cases in Florida hovered around an average of 11,000 cases per day during the 7-day period from July 15-21. It’s the eighth consecutive week with more than 10,000 cases per day. The state has recorded more than 600,000 new infections since cases started climbing in March. And sustained case rates have put added pressure on the state’s healthcare system. Florida hospitals had 4,178 confirmed COVID-19 patients on Friday.

The BA.5 variant of Omicron accounted for nearly 77% of infections in the southeast, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The variant appears to be more infectious than prior strains of the COVID-19 virus and is able to evade prior immunity from vaccination or infection, according to the agency, which recommends that eligible residents should get a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Less than half of eligible Florida residents have gotten even their first booster.

Federal health officials reported Thursday that all but two Florida counties are at “high” risk of COVID-19, including the entire Tampa Bay area and most of south Florida. That means that nearly 98% of Florida residents live in counties at “high” risk of COVID-19. The CDC suggests that all residents in “high” level counties wear a well-fitting mask in public indoor spaces. Symptomatic residents should get tested immediately.

Overall numbers

76,036: Number of cases reported in Florida over the most recent seven-day period from July 15-21.

10,862: Average cases a day during that time period last week, down 3% from the prior week.

6,716,112: Total number of cases recorded in Florida.

439: Number of deaths reported in the past week.

77,098: Total pandemic deaths in Florida.


38,83: Vaccinations (first or second doses) administered in the past week, up 16% compared to the previous week.

80%: Total Florida population that is at least partially vaccinated.

67%: Total Florida population that is fully vaccinated.

78%: Total U.S. population that is at least partially vaccinated.

67%: Total U.S. population that is fully vaccinated.

23,301: Booster doses administered in Florida in the last week, up 29% compared to the previous week.

27%: Total Florida population that is boosted.

31%: Total U.S. population that is boosted.

Positivity rates

23.8%: Florida, compared to 24.2% the previous week.


4,178: Florida hospitalizations, a 3% increase compared to the prior week.

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How to get tested

Florida: The Department of Health has a list of test sites.

The nation: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can help you find a testing site.

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How to get vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccine is being administered at clinics, doctors’ offices, public health offices and retail pharmacies. Here’s how to find a site near you:

Find a site: Visit vaccines.gov to find vaccination sites in your ZIP code.

More help: Call the National COVID-19 Vaccination Assistance Hotline.

Phone: 800-232-0233. Help is available in English, Spanish and other languages.

TTY: 888-720-7489

Disability Information and Access Line: Call 888-677-1199 or email DIAL@n4a.org.

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