Florida is full of snakes, alligators, sharks and iguanas. Which do you fear the most?

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Can there be anything worse than finding an iguana in your toilet?

What about a shark along the shore or an alligator at your front door.

Or a snake in your bathroom?

When you live in Florida, don’t be surprised if you have a close encounter of the wild kind. And if you do, make sure you call in wildlife authorities or experts to handle the situation. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s hotline to report nuisance alligators is 866-FWC-Gator.

Palm Bay Police Department cop poses with gator
Palm Bay Police Department cop poses with gator

Of course, there are those brave souls who don’t mind the occasional encounter.

But what if you just lie awake at night wondering which animal you’ll encounter next on a Florida street?

Vote in our poll for your least favorite. This isn’t a scientific survey, of course. And if you can’t see this poll, turn off your ad blocker.

Meanwhile, remember to look into your toilet before using.

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