Florida governor points to higher case numbers in 'younger folks'

"We went to phase one at the beginning of May and we had the best Covid results we ever had... I think just what's happened since in the last few weeks is, I think it's more just people want to be social, they want to interact and that's why you're seeing it so much with the younger folks," said DeSantis.

Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation told bars to immediately stop serving alcohol on their premises.

The announcement marked a major step back by Florida - which was an early state to re-open the economy - and an acknowledgement that infection figures had grown too worrisome to stand pat.

Florida on Friday announced a startling 8,942 new COVID-19 cases. That number was a leap from the state's previous record of 5,511 new daily cases, reached on June 24. Total U.S. cases rose 40,751 on Thursday, a record daily increase.