Florida man arrested for carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium out of U.S. Capitol during Trump-inspired riot

Larry McShane, New York Daily News

The giddy Florida man caught on camera carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium during the U.S. Capitol rioting wasn’t laughing Saturday.

Adam Johnson, 36, of Parrish, Fla., was taken into custody shortly after 9 p.m. Friday and held on a warrant issued by federal marshals, authorities said. Online records indicated he was held without bail pending a federal trial.

A grinning Johnson, the father of five, was snapped while toting the lectern through the Capitol in the midst of Wednesday’s rioting inside the venerable government building — with the photo instantly going viral.

He was sporting a “TRUMP” ski cap, and also live-streamed a video via Facebook as he walked through the building overrun by rioters.

One rioter was shot dead by Capitol Police, one police officer was killed by rioters, and three other demonstrators died during the violence fomented by President Trump during a Wednesday event held outside the White House.

Johnson’s social media accounts — which included remarks attacking the Black Lives Matter movement — were quickly taken down after he emerged as a national symbol of the lawless attack on the Capitol.