Florida man kicked seagull, hit it with rock and almost tore off its wing, cops say

Chris Perkins, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
·1 min read

An Orlando man was arrested Monday after being accused of kicking a protected seagull and hitting it with a rock, injuring the bird so badly that its wing almost detached from its body, authorities said.

Daniel Guzman was taken into custody Monday, roughly five months after the seagull incident, which occurred on Dec. 19 at Haulover Park in Miami-Dade.

The seagull, a laughing gull, is protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Guzman, 37, is charged with one count of animal cruelty with intent to injure/kill, and two counts of violating a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rule or order. Bond was set at $5,500.

Guzman was feeding the bird, according to the arrest report, before he kicked it and hit it with a rock. Those actions caused one of the bird’s wings to nearly be removed from its body, according to the arrest report.

A witness reported Guzman told the bird, “That’s what you deserve.”

The seagull was taken to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station but died.

Guzman, according to the arrest report, was interviewed by police after the incident with the seagull but wasn’t arrested. He was arrested after being spotted on a boat in the Oleta River State Park in north Miami.