Florida man tries to throw alligator onto roof to teach it a 'lesson': Police

Florida man tries to throw alligator onto roof to teach it a 'lesson': Police
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A Florida man is in custody for allegedly trying to throw a live alligator onto the roof of a building.

William Hodge, 32, was arrested around 3 a.m. Thursday and charged with possessing and injuring an alligator, burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, criminal mischief, and petty theft, according to the docket of his court case.

“I asked William Hodge what he was doing when he was throwing the alligator up in the air. William Hodge advised he was 'teaching it a lesson,'” said Daytona Beach police officer Molly Billue.


Hodge allegedly hopped the fence of Congo River Golf, a miniature golf course in the area, and stole a live alligator from an enclosure on the course.

He then allegedly took the alligator to the Metz Lounges, a bar and liquor store, grabbed it by the tail, and tried to throw it onto the roof.

After only hitting the awning of the bar, he took it by the tail again, put it over his shoulder, threw it to the ground, and stomped on it twice, police said.

When officers made contact with Hodge, he put the creature down and raised his hands, surrendering to police.

Billue transported Hodge to the city’s division of public safety.

While in the holding cell, Hodge allegedly balled up toilet paper and clogged the cell’s toilet and drain in an attempt to flood the station, Billue said.

Hodge was taken to Volusia County Jail after his processing, where he remained Friday.

Police contacted George King, the owner of Congo River Golf, who came to pick up the alligator from the station. The alligator is worth $300, King said.


The alligator is alive, but it is unclear if it sustained any injuries during the attack.

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