Florida men scream ‘1950s KKK-style abuse’ at Black fisherman in shocking video

Gino Spocchia
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<p>Video shows a Black fisherman verbally abused by men aboard another boat</p> (Sharkinwithseaweed / YouTube)

Video shows a Black fisherman verbally abused by men aboard another boat

(Sharkinwithseaweed / YouTube)

A video has captured the moment a Black fisherman came under verbal attack from other fisherman off the Florida coast.

Shannon Bustamante said he was videoing content for his fishing YouTube channel when he witnessed a Black fisherman on board his boat come under attack by another vessel.

In the video, the men aboard the other boat approach Mr Bustamante and the two crew members, one of whom was Black, and repeatedly scream slurs – both racist and homophobic.

“I don’t know where the f*** you came from,” one of the fishermen says, accusing Mr Bustamante’s boat of coming too close. “You never wade me out like that again or I’ll break your f******* leg, alright?”

The Back fisherman on board the boat responds “alright”, as the men aboard the other vessel continue to tell him: “I’ll f**** you up”.

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"Shut your f******* n***** mouth," one of the fishermen adds, which according to the videographer, was the third that week the Black fisherman had been verbally abused while at sea.

The Black fisherman then tells them to meet him at the boat ramp afterwards, while the abusers continue shouting racist and homophobic slurs.

They start circling the boat Mr Bustamante is aboard, destroying any progress made with their fishing.

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Mr Bustamante afterwards posted the video on his channel, sharkinwithseaweed, with the captions of the abuse, and said to NBC Miami that he wanted to raise awareness about racism.

"What worried me and what made me feel bad is that it almost felt like he was getting accustomed to it. Like, hey, every time we come out here, it's like this," the videographer told NBC Miami. "And in my mind, I was like, hell no, this is unacceptable.'

The videographer added in a caption on his own channel that they caught “a bunch of big sheepsheads and mackerels” as well as 1950s type of KKK (Ku Klux Klan) racial garbage spewed at the young mate.”

As reported by the Daily Dot, the alleged owner of the boat was found by social media users were were angered by the racial abuse, causing the website for the man’s landscaping business to crash at one point.