Florida Republicans maintain 130,000+ vote lead over Democrats one week out from Election Day

With only one week to go before the General Election, Republicans are outvoting Democrats in Florida.


Traditionally, Democrats would hold the vote lead at this point in the race, as Republicans historically turn out on Election Day.

But 137,000 more Florida Republicans than Democrats had cast a ballot as of midday Tuesday.

Republicans see it as evidence of a red wave, but Democrats aren’t about to start waving a white flag.

Republicans like Clay County State Rep. Sam Garrison are feeling confident one week out from the election.

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“We’re really excited looking at the statewide numbers. I mean, you look at what’s happening not just here in Jacksonville, in northeast Florida, but especially in Miami-Dade. The Republican numbers in Miami-Dade are staggering,” said Garrison.

Republicans trail Democrats by just over 1,000 votes in Miami-Dade, which is historically a Democratic stronghold.

In Duval County, which has gone blue in the last two elections, Republicans have outvoted Democrats by 2,400 ballots.

“I think you could describe this surge in Republican turnout with two words. It’s Gov. DeSantis,” said Garrison.

While Garrison attributes Republican turnout to enthusiasm at the top of the ticket, Orlando Democrat State Rep. Anna Eskamani blames the turnout disparity on funding.

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“The Republican Party of Florida has been spending millions of dollars to get out their voters and the Democratic Party does not have the same resources,” said Eskamani.

There’s also the potential that Republicans who traditionally vote on Election Day could be choosing to vote earlier.

Eskamani said she’s heard the reverse from some Democratic voters.

“Many voters are expressing a desire to wait for Election Day versus early vote,” said Eskamani.

Whatever the reason, UNF political science Professor Michael Binder said the numbers right now don’t bode well for Democrats.

“If I’m a Democrat, I’m looking at these numbers and I’m not optimistic. I’m not throwing in the towel, I’m not turning to the hard liquor just yet, but I’m certainly not popping any Champagne corks,” said Binder.

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Eskamani pointed out that during the 2020 election, Democrats held a 125,000-vote lead going into Election Day but were ultimately outvoted.

Time will tell if Democrats manage to flip the script on Nov. 8.

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