Florida Residents 50+ Now Eligible For COVID-19 Vaccination

CBS4's Ted Scouten shares more of the new rules.

Video Transcript

- And now to the coronavirus pandemic and the race to vaccinate, getting a boost from the state of Florida lowering the age restrictions to get a vaccine. People 50 and up were able to get a shot in the arm today, no questions asked. But that's just the start of changes to come in local vaccine locations.

CBS 4's Ted Scouten live for us at the FEMA-supported vaccination site at Miami Dade College North with what you need to know. Ted?

TED SCOUTEN: Yeah, Eliot. At this mega site, more than 2,500 people have already been vaccinated today here. That's as of 3:30.

As you said, this is the Miami Dade College North Campus. You can see that things are flowing really pretty well here. You can see a bit of a line over there right now. That's-- that's been pretty common throughout the day, but really not very long waits.

Have you ever been so excited to be 50 and over?

CARLETHA BAKER: No. I told my co-worker this is the first time where we've been too young for something in a long time.

TED SCOUTEN: Carletha Baker anxiously awaited the day she was eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. That day finally came when the age dropped to 50.

CARLETHA BAKER: I'm in all of the supposed risk groups as far as my age bracket, my race, my-- everything, basically. So I just felt like it's time.

MIGUEL VELASQUEZ: Well, I saw in the news over the weekend that the governor had brought down the-- the applicable age to 50 and over. And you know, we're both over 50, so I decided to give it a shot.

TED SCOUTEN: Miguel Velasquez and his wife Analise wasted no time getting to the Miami Dade College North site right when they were eligible.

MIGUEL VELASQUEZ: It was really well organized. I mean, I'm amazed how good organized it is. It took 15 minutes--


MIGUEL VELASQUEZ: --just to get in and out.

TED SCOUTEN: Now that the age has dropped to 50 and above, we can expect to see that continue to decrease in the coming weeks. As a matter of fact, next Monday at the county-run sites in Miami-Dade, which are Tropical Park and Zoo Miami, they will begin to offer vaccines to 40 and under. At the FEMA site at Miami Dade College North, first-dose shots were set to end Tuesday, but now that's changed.

MIKE JACHLES: We'll be continuing 500 first-dose vaccines at the Miami Dade College North site per day for another two weeks.

TED SCOUTEN: Here they'll offer first and second dose until April 7. Then it goes to second dose only until April 14. All the satellite sites run by FEMA will give second dose only beginning Wednesday. Then on April 24 until April 28 the FEMA sites will offer the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine.

ORLANDO ARNOLD: It's extremely relieving to be able to have your vaccination and knowing that we are taking the next step here as a country.

TED SCOUTEN: So as you can see, it can be very confusing trying to figure out who's eligible, where you go for a shot, if you need an appointment. Well, we have you covered for all that. Just go to our website, CBSMiami.com/vaccine. We have a lot of information for you there. Live in Northwest Miami-Dade, Ted Scouten, CBS 4 News.

- Ted, thank you for that live update.