A Florida restaurant owed $19,000 in back pay after overtime and minimum wage violations

David J. Neal
·1 min read

A Gulf Breeze restaurant paid $19,008 in earned pay after a U.S. Department of Labor investigation found it didn’t pay employees for all the time they worked.

And that money went to 24 employees of Rio Bravo Mexican Grill, $792 per employee.

“For low-wage earners, every minute spent working equals much-needed income,” Labor said in a release. “When employers fail to account for all the hours employees work, as was the case with a Gulf Breeze restaurant, these workers find it more difficult to provide for themselves and their families.”

Wage and Hour investigators found that Rio Bravo:

Didn’t pay employees who received tips from the start of their shift, but rather when their first customers came. That resulted in a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage rules.

Always paid workers twice a month while ignoring whether or not a worker was on the clock more than 40 hours in a given workweek. That violates FLSA’s overtime rules.

Didn’t keep accurate records of employee hours worked.

The Wage and Hour complaint section of the Department of Labor website contains information on how to file a complaint. Miami’s Wage and Hour Division office can be reached at 305-598-6607.

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