Florida Stripper Kills Partner, Stabs Him In Eyes And Shoves Wood In Throat

Justin Calhoun, 24, is accused of killing Mark Brann, 67.

A Key West, Florida, man died Tuesday after an alleged attack in his home by his male stripper partner, according to Florida Key News. He was allegedly stabbed in both eyes and had a piece of wood shoved down his throat.

Mark Brann, 67, had to be airlifted to a Miami trauma center after the attack. He suffered severe head trauma. The partner, Justin Calhoun, 24, of Tampa, Florida, is being held without bail and is charged with second-degree murder after admitting to the attack, according to a police report. Calhoun is listed in police records as identifying female, being homeless and working as a stripper.

The attack happened early Monday morning, with police and paramedics called to the home at 3:25 a.m.

Calhoun reported to police that she and Brann were in a sexual relationship and got into an argument Monday, with Calhoun accusing Brann of being a cannibal. Brann got upset and he reached for a gun. Calhoun wrestled for the gun and Calhoun said the gun fired during the skirmish, according to WTVJ, a Miami NBC News affiliate. No one was shot.

Calhoun attempted shoot Brann, but the gun jammed. Calhoun then stabbed Brann in both eyes with a pen, according to the police report.

“Calhoun then inserted a piece of broken wood into Brann’s mouth, stood up, and then stomped on the piece of wood to lodge it further down into Brann’s throat,” read the arrest affidavit, according to Florida Keys News.

Calhoun was reportedly attempting to silence Brann, according to WPLG, a Pembroke Park, Florida, ABC News affiliate. Calhoun then allegedly grabbed another piece of wood and hit Brann in the head with it.

Calhoun grabbed a backpack and stole money from the apartment before escaping out the window while naked, according to Florida Key News.

The incident wasn't Calhoun's first run-in with the law. Earlier this month Calhoun agreed to enter a drug diversion program after confronting Key West police officers in April, at which time she was charged with resisting arrest with violence and possession of marijuana, according to Florida Key News.

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