Florida teen was watching TV at home. Along came a three-legged creature, video shows

A Central Florida teenager watching TV with his dog had an unexpected visitor on Sunday evening at his home in Lake Mary, about 20 miles north of Orlando.

A three-legged bear had broken into the lanai through the screened door — and it seemed hungry.

The 13-year-old, Joseph Diglio, started recording as the animal limped around the pool area, sniffing for an early dinner at around 5 p.m.

“Holy ... Oh my God, look at him,” he can be heard saying, sounding terrified, off camera to his dog, which he eventually locks up in the garage. “This is crazy!”

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Joseph continues to record as the bear rummages through the patio and then finds the jackpot: the outdoor fridge. The creature managed to open the door and grab two White Claw hard seltzers as the dog barks like crazy.

The boy showed off the crushed cans of alcohol to WESH 2 news cameras the next day.

The flavors? Mango and strawberry.

“So he came through there, he walked around the patio, he found what he needed, and then he went back out through the same hole that he opened,” the boy’s mother, Josaury Faneite-Diglio, told Insider in a separate interview, who added that the bear also grabbed a bit of fish food.

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Mom, who showed off different angles of the incident from home surveillance video, adds that her son wasn’t all that frightened because the animal is a bit of a celebrity in the community.

The bear, with two hind legs, and one upper limb, is affectionately known as Tripod, and it’s believed he was born that way.

If you see a bear in a public place, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission asks that you call its Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922.