Florida Woman Who Faked Relationship To ICON Park Victim Gets Fired From Strip Club

It looks like karma has caught up with Lewishena Browning, aka “Shay Johnson.”

As Blavity previously reported, a 14-year-old named Tyre Samspon recently lost his life at ICON Park in Orlando, Florida. Sampson, who weighed over 300 lbs., tragically slipped through his shoulder-harness while riding a 430-foot drop tower ride. He slammed into the concrete at high-speed, and medical staff later pronounced him dead at a nearby hospital.

News of the incident swiftly began to spread, and Sampson’s “cousin” soon made herself known to the world. The woman claimed her name was Shay Johnson, and she made headlines after discussing her supposed last moments with her “cousin” during an interview.

However, those close to Sampson’s family soon outed her as a fraud.

“It is CONFIRMED by the immediate family that [Shay Johnson] is NOT Family for neither side,” a family friend named Mandy Duppins wrote on Facebook. She also revealed that Johnson’s true name is Lewishena Browning.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) later corroborated this post.

“Our detectives have looked into this and spoken with Tyre Sampson’s mother. His mother told them she does not know who Shay Johnson is,” OCSO spokesperson Michelle Guido said.

With the internet uncovering Browning as a fraud, her employer has chosen to fire her for her “unconscionable” lie.

“I feel terrible about [the situation],” William Sierer, owner of a strip joint called Flash Dancers, said. He also referred to the mater as “unconscionable” and noted that, while the woman’s legal name is Lewishena Browning, she does indeed go by “Shay.”

“We were as surprised as anyone else,” he added, as Browning worked her standard shifts following the tragedy. “Her working Thursday and Friday, then Saturday we see it on the news. We knew immediately it was fraudulent.”

On top of being fired, Browning’s criminal history was also uncovered. With at least four jail stints, Browning is currently awaiting trial over felony arson and criminal mischief charges. Browning also has other past charges related to criminal mischief, domestic violence, and driving with a suspended license.