Florida's Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Makes South Florida Stops

Fried, who has been at odds with Gov. Ron DeSantis throughout the pandemic was asked if she has any plans to run for governor in 2022. Read more: https://cbsloc.al/3tnJkVQ

Video Transcript

- Florida agriculture minister Nikki Fried made several stops in South Florida today, including one in Hialeah. Fried, who has been at odds with Governor Ron DeSantis throughout the COVID pandemic, was asked if she plans to run for governor in 2022?

NIKKI FRIED: I'm committed to the state of Florida and making sure that we get us onto the right path. And as our only statewide elected Democrat, more and more people have been asking me to run. This is something I take very seriously. I know that our state deserves better than what they were receiving in Tallahassee. Hopefully [? we're ?] making some decisions soon.

- Fried, who met with the mayor of Hialeah Carlos Hernández there, mentioned how important it is to make sure the minority communities of South Florida are getting all the resources necessary to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.