Floridians respond to flyers telling 'woke' New Yorkers to stay out of Sunshine State

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People in West Palm Beach, Florida, said New Yorkers are still welcome, despite flyers placed on cars saying the "woke" should "stay out of Florida."

"I feel like people should be welcomed rather than disregarded like that and being told they can’t come down here," said Landra, a Florida resident who told Fox News her brother lives in New York City. "Everyone should be welcome anywhere as long as they aren’t causing anyone any harm."

Across Lake Worth Lagoon, Palm Beach police confirmed to Fox News that it investigated flyers that were stuck onto cars with New York plates parked on the wealthy island that read "If you are one of the those ‘woke’ people --- leave Florida. You will be happier elsewhere, as will we."

It was unclear who posted the flyers.


"Free speech, First Amendment," Debbie, a Florida resident who recently moved from New Jersey, said. "They are not being abusive, they’re not being physical. They are participating in their First Amendment right, and we don’t want them here, we don’t want to turn this state, ever."

Claudette, visiting Florida from Connecticut, told Fox News: "It’s silly because woke just means that you are current, you are aware and you are sensitive. So, if someone has a problem with somebody being aware of issues then that’s pure ignorance."

Gregory, of Florida, said he doesn’t think someone from Florida placed the flyers.

"Our governor, [Ron] DeSantis, we love him, most people don’t love him," Gregory said. "So, I think people are just trying to come down and rile up things here in Florida because we got it together and some people don’t.

Susie, visiting Florida from New York City, disagreed.

"Your governor is an idiot, that’s number one," Susie, referring to DeSantis, said. "Number two, I think this whole woke thing has gone too far, that’s on the other side of the ledger."

"So, I think people should just let people be," she continued. "We should talk to each other more, we should listen to each other more, and maybe this country would not be in the terrible state that it’s in."

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