Flower prices up ahead of Mother's Day amid disruption in supply chain

The flower industry is dealing with a shortage this Mother's Day weekend, as COVID-19 disrupted the supply chain.

Video Transcript

WALTER PEREZ: And one gift that most moms always love are flowers. But this year there is a serious shortage, and that means prices are inflated. Action News reporter Jaclyn Lee joins us live from Center City with details, Jaclyn?

JACLYN LEE: Well, Walter, we've seen so many people shopping for flowers. But if you go to different florists, they will have this sign they're so busy, and they tell us that they were really affected by the coronavirus in more ways than you would think.

Last-minute shopping for Mother's Day is hectic.

ERIC BUITRON: Last-minute madness. There's clothing shopping, shoe shopping, and now last-minute flower shopping.

JACLYN LEE: And florists around Philadelphia are feeling the pressure.

JAKE VANDERLINDE: This week it's been crazy.

JACLYN LEE: On top of an already busy weekend, Jake Vanderlinde with Pure Design says there was less demand for flowers during the coronavirus. As a result, flower farms around the world slowed down, thus cutting into florist supply.

JAKE VANDERLINDE: Now it's kind of bouncing back, but I think the whole chain of logistics is trying to catch up to the demand that is rising for flowers.

JACLYN LEE: And while many are reporting a flower shortage, Vanderlinde calls it more of a logistical hold-up.

How does this impact you and other florists in this area?

JAKE VANDERLINDE: Prices. Prices go up. Availability for flower, it's not crazy hard, but it's definitely more difficult than it used to be because certain farms aren't producing certain things.

JACLYN LEE: And Vanderlinde said ultimately there is a workaround. They will be able to get you your flowers. However, he says, for example, in the past a stem may have cost like $0.89. Now they're $1.50, or even $2.00.

We are live in Center City, Jaclyn Lee, Channel 6 Action News. Walter?

WALTER PEREZ: All right. Thank you, Jaclyn.