Floyd's 2019 arrest at issue in ex-officer's trial

Arguments over whether to allow evidence from a 2019 arrest of George Floyd into the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin are highlighting a key battleground in the case. (March 16)

Video Transcript

ERIC NELSON: The entire arrest in May of 2019, just over a year prior to Mr. Floyd's death, is remarkably similar in multiple ways from one to the next, from the May 6th of 2019 to the May 25th of 2020 arrests. What I saw was immediately apparent, that what was on the back seat of this squad car was chewed-up drugs. It looked like chewed-up pills. On the floor, in addition, there is a near-complete tablet, it's partially dissolved but very similar. It's clear that this is a pill.

PETER CAHILL: So the additional part of that he was found using drugs on May 6, is the prejudicial value really that high vis-a-vis either your case or Mr. Floyd?

MATTHEW FRANK: I think the prejudicial effect is exactly what Mr. Nelson has argued.

ERIC NELSON: The state seems to be conflating cause of death and the reasonableness of the use of force. I mean, there are two separate issues in this particular case. These particular pills, according to this witness, were different than anything else that they had previously used. So I think I would like to again supplement, and I'm glad the court-- because this interview, I think, is highly relevant.