Fluor-BWXT honored by Scioto County Commissioners

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Jun. 23—PORTSMOUTH — The Scioto County Commissioners presented Fluor-BWXT (FBP) two proclamations for promoting, industrial, economic, commercial and civic development for Scioto County over the past 10 years and recognizing the plant's historical 70th-year milestone.

"We are privileged to present two proclamations today to Fluor-BWXT for not only being a supporting economic force in our community but also to recognize the longevity of the Portsmouth plant's existence," said Bryan Davis, Scioto County commissioner.

Davis read the first resolution that highlighted the historical beginnings through the decommissioning and demolition of the plant and thanked the organization for the continual support of the surrounding counties. The second resolution highlighted FBP's Opportunity Fund, which is part of the Community Commitment Fund and has assisted Scioto County Economic Development, "in leveraging investment, both capital and machinery and equipment, to the extent of $705, 871, allowing for 313 full-time jobs to be created and 670 full-time jobs to be retained."

Part of FBP's commitment to the community is to be a strong corporate citizen by investing in the community. FBP has assisted with economic development in the four-county region including Pike, Ross, Jackson and Scioto by investing $5 million to create or retain 2,500 jobs.

"One of our roles in executing the Portsmouth D&D mission is to invest in the socio-economic health of the community," said FBP Site Project Director Greg Wilkett. "We are committed to being an active corporate leader to assist with economic growth. We are honored to receive both of these proclamations from the Scioto County Commissioners."

For more information about Fluor-BWXT, please visit www.fbportsmouth.com.