Flushing drugs could create ‘meth-gators’, US police warn

Chiara Giordano

Police in the US have warned flushing drugs down the toilet could create “meth-gators”.

Loretto police department made the tongue-in-cheek comment after catching a suspected drug dealer attempting to get rid of methamphetamine in his lavatory.

After entering his home in Loretto, Tennessee, on Saturday, officers found the man flushing away 12 grams of meth and several items of drug paraphernalia, AL.com reports.

The suspect was charged with drug possession with intent for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and tampering with evidence, according to the news site.

Police jokingly warned his actions could end up creating “meth-gators” in Alabama.

In a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, the department reportedly said: “This Folks…please don’t flush your drugs m’kay (sic).

“When you send something down the sewer pipe it ends up in our retention ponds for processing before it is sent down stream.

“Now our sewer guys take great pride in releasing water that is cleaner than what is in the creek, but they are not really prepared for meth.”

“Ducks, Geese, and other fowl frequent our treatment ponds and we shudder to think what one all hyped up on meth would do.

“Furthermore, if it made it far enough we could create meth-gators in Shoal Creek and the Tennessee River down in North Alabama.

“They’ve had enough methed up animals the past few weeks without our help.”