Flyana Boss Drops Buzzy New Single ‘Candyman’

Flyana Boss Drops Buzzy New Single ‘Candyman’ | Photo: SJ Spring
Flyana Boss Drops Buzzy New Single ‘Candyman’ | Photo: SJ Spring
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Up-and-coming California rap duo Flyana Boss, consisting of Bobbi LaNea and Folayan, has dropped a new single entitled “Candyman.”

After releasing songs like “B***h Imma Star,” “Big One,” “You Wish” and its remix featuring legendary rapper Missy Elliott and Kaliii, “Candyman” is another track in their evolution as they transition into making music with more mature matters.

The lyrics of the song are raunchy, provocative and replete with sexual innuendos.

“He my little sweetheart, little gumdrop/ He keep it gushy-gushy, and it won’t stop/ He my little Nutter Butter, I call him lollipop/ I lick his Laffy Taffy, yeah, and then we swap.”

From an instrumentation standpoint, the track is vibrant and bass-heavy, coupled with an infectious chorus.

In 2021, the group signed to Atlantic Records. In late 2023, they garnered massive popularity after their single “You Wish” skyrocketed, amassing over 777,000 views on YouTube.

On TikTok, the duo has over 1.2 million followers and counting.

The duo’s most recent EP, Make It a Double, came out in June before they opened for Janelle Monáe on her Age of Pleasure Tour. With all this momentum coming into the new year, witnessing their continued growth and what they might be dropping next will be exciting.