Flying Dog Brewery crafts 'You're on Mute' red ale

Hannah Himes, The Frederick News-Post, Md.
·1 min read

Mar. 17—Frederick's Flying Dog Brewery is releasing a Cabin Fever Red Ale called 'You're on Mute' next month in honor of a common challenge that comes with working from home.

According to a news release from Flying Dog, the beverage is a "medium-bodied Red Ale" that "balances toasted malts and just a hint of chocolate, with a perfectly engineered blend of hops and aromas."

"A unifying experience for people this year has been the transition to working from home and all of the ups and downs that come with that shift," said James Maravetz, vice president of marketing for Flying Dog, according to the release. "Technology brings with it challenges as well as comedy, and the fact that without fail, you have at some point, been on mute."

When the beer is released, it will be available in certain local bars and restaurants as wall as in stores.

To find out where the beer is available, customers can visit Flying Dog's Beer Finder at:

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