Fmr. Philadelphia sanitation worker hosts neighborhood clean up efforts

Terrill Haigler, a former sanitation worker from North Philadelphia, has created a huge social media platform during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

- Well, during the pandemic, various community leaders and neighborhood residents have risen to the occasion to help make life easier and perhaps prettier for others throughout the city. Terrill Haigler is such a person who has inspired others to help beautify their own backyards. Action News community journalist Ashley Johnson has that story tonight from West Philadelphia.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: He's been a mover and shaker during the pandemic, nicknamed "Ya Fave Trashman."

TERRILL HAIGLER: What I've learned is that community is the most important part of Philadelphia.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Terrill Haigler is all about the community, which is evident on his Ya Fav Trashman Instagram account. He created it back in June and it took off with now more than 24,000 followers.

TERRILL HAIGLER: My mission is to educate, advocate, and integrate anything and everything when it comes to sanitation workers here in the city of Philadelphia.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: And while he's no longer a sanitation worker, his mission flourishes through neighborhood cleanup efforts.

TERRILL HAIGLER: Just to give community a sense of normalcy and to let them know and remind them that there is somebody that cares.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Ya Fav Trashman uses his platform to get volunteers from all over to roll up their sleeves. This past weekend was a huge hit on the 600 block of North Hutton Street in West Philadelphia. Corporate sponsors play a huge part in making it happen.

TERRILL HAIGLER: Where we were able to take a street, or as I call an alleyway, and we were able to remove two trucks worth of trash.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: And a big part of the initiative is connecting the community to elected officials. Both Councilmember Jamie Gauthier and State Rep. Amen Brown participated in the most recent cleanup.

AMEN BROWN: It sends a message that we can get things done and that we do care about our communities.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Last weekend's event was such a success that this weekend there will be an Earth Day Neighborhood Clean-Up here at the West Mill Creek Park at 51 and Parrish. You can see there's a lot of trash right here on the playground. Ya Fav Trashman's saying is "wear a mask and bring a friend."

TERRILL HAIGLER: Philadelphia was named the dirtiest city in America by Forbes, and it is my goal to take us from last to first.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: One block at a time, Ya Fav Trashman is bringing out the best the city has to offer.

In West Philadelphia, Ashley Johnson, Channel 6 Action News.