FOGO (Fear of Going Out)—3 Valuable Tech Tips You Can Try Today to Ease Your Panic

FOGO—It’s a real thing especially after being on lockdown for a year. We’ve all been so cautious and now that we have permission to resume our lives, it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. The struggle is so real that two out of three Americans polled by the survey site Qualtrics say they feel uncomfortable being in public and have general anxiety about returning to everyday life.

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Here are 3 Valuable Tech Tips You Can Try Today To Ease Your Panic:

  1. Text a friend to meet you. This way, you’ll have accountability and support when you arrive.

  2. Make a reservation. Use the restaurant’s app or, so you don’t have to wait, and you can reserve a table outside.

  3. Map the destination. Use navigation on your cellphone to be sure you know how to get there. Also, drive your own car, so you can control how you’ll get here and when to leave.

If someone you love is struggling with FOGO, assist them with the steps above. And remember, you may have many places to go but plan to go only one place on your first few outings.

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