‘Folk Nation’ gang leader fired 11 shots at Brooklyn crowd: feds

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A longtime Brooklyn gang leader faces federal charges after he was caught on camera firing at a crowd of people — just five months after his release from prison, prosecutors allege.

Kwyme Waddell, 30, the leader of murderous “No Love City” offshoot of the Chicago-based Folk Nation gang, is back behind bars, indicted Tuesday on federal felon-with-a-firearm charges.

Waddell goes by the nickname “Big Homie,” leading a crew of gangbangers who were accused of going on “hunting expeditions” to track down and murder rival gang members.

His time in New York State prison didn’t mellow his taste for violence, or his desire to brag about it later, federal prosecutors allege.

On March 22, Waddell hopped on a motorized scooter and zipped over to Dorchester Road and E. 21st St. in Flatbush, an area where the gang’s rivals hang out, and blasted 11 shots into a crowd, prosecutors said.

The group scattered, with several people ducking behind cars, but no one was struck by the bullets.

He then headed back to a building on Newkirk Ave., where he “can be seen on video appearing to celebrate the shooting by dancing and pantomiming a gun with his hands,” Brooklyn federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing.

Waddell was paroled in October, after he was sentenced in 2017 to eight years behind bars for attempted murder, assault and other charges.

The prison term was the result of a February 2016 takedown of 18 members of the “No Love City” gang, including Waddell.

The crew was linked to 10 shootings that left one person dead and 10 wounded, including a 60-year-old Brooklyn woman paralyzed by a stray bullet as she walked home from grocery shopping on May 30, 2014.

After a teenage member of their gang was killed on New Year’s Day 2014, Waddell’s crew took to their cars to go “riding out” in Canarsie, hunting for people they suspected were in the rival 100 Cloccs or HQ Monopoly gangs.

That violence turned into a shooting war on the streets of Canarsie after another “No Love City” member was shot dead outside the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, Calif., in 2015, prosecutors said.

Waddell was arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court on Tuesday and ordered held without bail.

“He’s pleaded not guilty and he looks forward to litigating the case in court,” said his lawyer John Buza.