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Houses Of Parliament, London

When: 1834 Why: A fire started after two wooden tally sticks – used as part of the accounting process – were set alight and tossed in a furnace underneath the House of Lords. This caused a chimney fire which spread through the building. What happened after: Work to rebuild the Houses of Parliament, then known as the Palace of Westminster, started in 1839 and was completed in 1879, at the cost of £2.5 million. [Photo: Getty]

Following the Notre-Dame Paris blaze, we look at other famous landmarks devastated by fire

The world watched as a massive fire broke out at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France last night.

It took some 500 firefighters more than 12 hours to put out the blaze, which toppled the 850-year-old church’s spire and destroyed two thirds of its roof.

French President Emmanuel Macron declared the event “emotion for the whole nation” in a tweet, later resolving to launch an international campaign to rebuild the historic site.

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The Notre-Dame isn’t the first historic landmark to be ravaged by fire. Some of the most famous buildings worldwide have gone up in flames.

Some, like the White House, were completely destroyed by a blaze.

Here’s how the famous fires started – and what happened afterwards.