Following Supply Delays, Mass Vaccination Site Opens At Stockton Arena

The opening of a new mass vaccination clinic at the Stockton Arena was a dose of good news for San Joaquin County, which has struggled to get the COVID-19 vaccine to people who need it.

Video Transcript

- Stockton's mass vaccine site is now open at the Stockton Arena.

- CBS13's Rachel Wulff with the dose of good news for San Joaquin County.

- Good morning, good morning.

RACHEL WULFF: Hundreds lining up early at the Stockton Arena to get their shots at a newly opened mass vaccination site.

- I'm finally-- I'm glad I'm getting this done.

ROEM MUHAMMAD: Do they ever?

RACHEL WULFF: Roem Muhammad was one of the first in line with his father.

ROEM MUHAMMAD: It took less than 15 minutes to get everything all said and done and then another 15 to make sure I don't fall out. [LAUGHS]

RACHEL WULFF: Muhammad pleased to learn he was getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is one and done.

ROEM MUHAMMAD: Because that way I don't have to worry about when I got to come back, where I'm going to go. And it just-- it went very smoothly. They had a good operation in there.

RACHEL WULFF: They were booked almost immediately, with more than 1,500 appointments and have approximately 25,000 doses to administer.

- We have enough to run operations till a good part of next week. And on a weekly basis, we will know how much we were getting and how much we would be opening appointments.

RACHEL WULFF: Organizers say the site can give out up to 5,000 doses a day. It can't happen fast enough in San Joaquin County, where 28% of the population is partially vaccinated, playing catch-up with other counties like Sacramento, where 30% are.

- Keep her home. She really needs the shot.

RACHEL WULFF: Health officials say misinformation, fear, and a lack of health insurance are issues that keep people from getting vaccinated. But they hope a free dose, free parking, and the arena's location will change that.

ROEM MUHAMMAD: Just do it, just like Nike.

RACHEL WULFF: Muhammad realizes communities of color have been hit especially hard, and they are often less likely to want the shot given the history of vaccinations in their community.

ROEM MUHAMMAD: Sure, things have happened in the past, but we're all in this together, and if we want to move past it, we got to do it together. We can't sit here on the sidelines and think that, you know, you can keep playing the game.

- Well, San Joaquin Regional Transit District is providing free rides to the Stockton Arena in support of the mass vaccination site.