Foo Fighters ride 'Sonic Highways' to higher places

The Foo Fighters have announced new concert dates.
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Foo Fighters have announced that a DVD version of the "Sonic Highways" miniseries is on the way, building on the success the distinctly American recording project has seen at home and abroad.

Earlier this week, the band led by Dave Grohl was voted Best International Act at the UK's NME Awards, and the same night they announced a headlining spot at the Glastonbury Festival -- an elusive goal even for bands accustomed to headlining major festivals and arenas.

"Sonic Highways" was conceived as a "love letter to American music," recorded in eight different US cities, with each track featuring a local legend such as Minor Threat, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Paul Stanley from Kiss and Joe Walsh of The Eagles.

The project was the subject of an eight-part HBO miniseries, also titled "Sonic Highways," which is now to hit a wider fanbase when it comes out on DVD April 7.

Following the band as it hits the various US cities featured on the album, it spotlights conversations with Dolly Parton, Slash, Willie Nelson, LL Cool J, Joan Jett, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, Macklemore, Pharrell Williams and President Barack Obama, among many others.

The documentary was released to mark the 20th anniversary of the band, which got its start when former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl founded it as a one-man project. The band's success has been relatively steady, with four of its studio albums having earned Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album, and 2011 album "Wasting Light" hit number one in a dozen countries, going platinum in several English-speaking countries.

"Sonic Highways" the album may be less notable in terms of the amount of number 1 spots it's claimed, but the album and project have put the band consistently in the spotlight since its November release.

Last week, it was announced that Dave Grohl will serve as the ambassador of Record Store Day, the annual day in April that honors independent record stores. Grohl said of his appointment:

"Growing up in Springfield, Virginia in the 70's and 80's, my local independent record stores were magical, mysterious places that I spent all of my spare time (and money) in, finding what was to eventually become the soundtrack of my life."

The band is currently in the midst of a series of tour dates in New Zealand and Australia, after which they'll head to Europe for a string of shows that ends at Glastonbury.

From July they'll be in North America, where they'll aptly present their "love letter to America" at a Fourth of July show in Washington DC. From there, they'll play a series of shows well into October, including dates at historic baseball venues such as Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and New York's Citi Field.


April 7 - The band releases "Sonic Highways" documentary series on DVD and Blu-ray. Pre-order starting March 9:
April 18 - Record Store Day 2015, with Dave Grohl as its ambassador. More info:
June 26 - The band headlines Friday night at the Glastonbury Festival. Details:
July 4 - Foo Fighters embark on a North American tour. Tour dates:

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