Food Distributed at Tenerife Hotel After Guest Tests Positive for New Coronavirus

A hotel in Tenerife, Spain, popular with holidaymakers from Britain and other European countries was locked down on February 25 after an Italian guest tested positive for COVID-19, caused by the new coronavirus.

El Pais, citing local health officials, said around a thousand people were staying at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel, and that the complex was cordoned off and under police guard.

Aly Razek recorded video outside the hotel in the Canary Islands after returning from a night out. “We were told to go around the back of the hotel where everyone was given the masks and told not to leave the area. Anyone in the hotel isn’t allowed to exit,” he told Storyful.

Razek later shot this footage showing food being distributed to guests, and a masked official addressing a group. Credit: Aly Razek via Storyful

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