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Food Huggers will help you reduce food waste and keep your produce fresh

Reducing food waste is a great everyday goal for living a more sustainable lifestyle. When it comes to limiting food waste, produce can often be one of the trickiest things to work with, as they tend to have a short shelf-life, and it can be hard to use them before they expire. Without the proper tools and strategies, your produce will end up filling up your trash can instead of your stomach. Luckily, Food Huggers (@foodhuggers) are here to save the day!

Inspired by produce’s natural protective skins, Food Huggers help preserve your produce in a way that’s as convenient as it is sustainable. The sleek, silicone covers are designed to fit over a wide range of produce, providing a simple, effective way to keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer.

According to Adrienne McNicholas, the founder of Food Huggers, the main inspiration for the design came from the produce itself. “Mother nature has designed an incredibly sophisticated way to protect fruits and vegetables,” McNicholas tells In The Know. “And it’s the skin itself.”

McNicholas realized that all you had to do to protect the produce was cover the side that had been cut. From there, they designed the silicone cover to mimic the natural skin of the fruit, providing an effective, protective barrier to preserve the produce.

For McNicholas, simplicity and convenience are at the core of the brand and the design itself. The dishwasher-safe product makes it easier than ever for people to regularly practice sustainability. “We’re trying to create solutions that make it as easy as possible to be sustainable,” she says. “We’re looking for modern solutions that work for your kitchen.”

McNicholas wants Food Huggers to be just as convenient as disposable, single-use plastic products like plastic wrap or baggies. “It’s all about making it easy. Easy to clean [and] easy to care for,” McNicholas tells In The Know.

In addition to providing a product that makes sustainability simpler, the Food Huggers brand is also practicing sustainable habits themselves. All of their packaging is made with recycled craft paper, and they have a take-back program that repurposes recycled Food Huggers into material that can be reused.

With Food Huggers, McNicholas wants to prove that making adjustments to attain a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult or inconvenient. “Eliminating single-use plastics– it’s not that hard,” McNicholas tells In The Know. “And it can even be a lot of fun.”

When it comes to combining sustainability and fun, Food Huggers definitely seem to have it covered!

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