Which food lines are worth the wait at NFL Draft? Here are fan favorites & menu prices

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The NFL Draft is well underway. Day One saw Union Station and the National WWI Museum and Memorial reach capacity, as fans were excited to see teams select players in the first round.

With all the activities on the Draft Experience grounds on the South Lawn of the museum, one of the biggest attractions is the “Taste of the Town” tailgate. 20 Kansas City-based restaurants are serving up some of the city’s favorite dishes.

What are fans’ favorite foods?

The lines for every restaurant booth stretch beyond your imagination. They mimic the waiting lines fans experienced at any of the activities on Thursday. Some waited over an hour to grab food, just like one fan waited an hour to kick a field goal.

Fans from out of town noted just how many barbecue options there were. It wouldn’t be a tailgate without plenty of barbecue.

Tony Gilmore came down from Sedalia, Missouri, anticipating myriad barbecue options. He had a hard time picking between Scott’s Kitchen and Chef J BBQ, since he’s a big fan of the burnt ends from Scott’s Kitchen and Chef J’s brisket.

According to a sampling of fans The Star talked with, there is no wrong option for food at the draft.

Adam Augustine from Overland Park got in line for Bucktui BBQ. Wearing a Cheesehead for the Green Bay Packers, he said he’s heard great things about their food.

Some of the higher food prices didn’t throw Augustine, who said that cost was offset by the free admission into the NFL Draft Experience.

Frankie Hudson and his mother, Terri agreed. They’re here from Las Vegas and said everything was much cheaper than they’re used to seeing in Sin City.

Frankie recommended the street tacos from Taco Naco KC

“I’m a baby when it comes to spice, so if people love their spice, they’re gonna love the street tacos,” Frankie Hudson said.

Terri Hudson said the chicken wings from Jazzy B’s BBQ were the best she’s ever had.

If I have a say in food options, fans should try the honey Serrano Mac from KC Mac. N’ Co. It was so popular Thursday that they ran out of macaroni and cheese for about 25 minutes.

It had the shortest line Thursday, but Bloom Baking Co.’s Italian sub deserves some praise. Their chocolate brownie was the cherry on top to a perfect nighttime NFL Draft meal.

Fans strolled through the exhibits at the NFL Draft Experience Thursday, April 27, 2023, at the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City.
Fans strolled through the exhibits at the NFL Draft Experience Thursday, April 27, 2023, at the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City.

What’s all on the menu?

All booths offer the following beverages:

  • Pepsi’s beverages: $5

  • Fast Twitch energy drinks: $7

  • Gatorade: $6

  • Aquafina water: $4


  • Personal pack of mini donuts (6): $10

  • Classic donut box: $20

  • Double classic donut pack: $5

  • Cup of donut holes: $7

Poio Mexican BBQ

  • Loaded nachos: $12

  • Grilled chicken sandwich: $10

  • Pork carnitas sandwich: $10

  • Filipino Adobo spare ribs: $15

Hereford House

  • Steakburger: $10

  • Cheeseburger: $12

  • KC Draft Burger: $15

  • All-beef hot dog: $8

  • Mars candies: $3

  • Frito-Lay chips: $3

Mission Taco Joint

  • Two chicken tacos: $10

  • Two beef tacos: $10

  • Two vegan soft tacos: $10

  • Two shrimp tacos: $10

Bucktui BBQ

  • Brisket rangoons: $12

  • Chili crunch nachos: $14

  • Brisket sandwich: $15

  • Pulled pork sandwich: $14

  • Loaded BBQ fries: $15

  • Fries: $7

Chef J BBQ

  • Brisket elotes: $12

  • BBQ Frito pie: $12

  • Pulled pork sando: $14

  • Brisket meat plate and two sides: $22

Smoak Craft Barbecue

  • KC double sando: $20

  • Two brisket tacos: $16

  • Coffee-brined pulled pork sando: $17

  • Smoak’d sampler: $28

  • Sides: $5


  • Crispy chicken slider: $9

  • Loaded tater tots: $7

  • Street corn: $6

  • Spring berry cobbler: $7

Jazzy B’s BBQ

  • Four smoked friend chicken wings: $16

  • Baby back ribs: $16 for a half rack, $30 for a full rack

  • Jazzy fries: $4

Scott’s Kitchen

  • Burnt ends sandwich: $16

  • Pulled pork sandwich: $15

  • Chipotle ghost pepper cheese sausage: $15

  • Homemade sides: $5

  • BBQ bowl: $15

Cheesy Street

All options are selected as a grilled cheese sandwich or mac and cheese bowl. Every item is served with a bag of chips, or you can add fries for $2.

  • Chicken bacon ranch: $18

  • BBQ pulled pork: $18

  • Buffalo chicken: $18

  • Veggie: $18

  • Mac and cheese or grilled cheese only: $16

  • Add-ons like bacon and avocado cost $2, jalapeños cost $1

Taco Naco KC

  • Two tacos: $9

  • Three tacos: $13

  • Loaded nachos: $12

Their protein options for tacos and nachos include chicken al pastor, Mexican pulled pork, brisket barbacoa and potato pipian.


  • Certified Angus beef brisket plate: $30

  • Competition pulled pork plate: $26

  • Combo: $28

All plates are served with granny smith apple coleslaw, cucumber and onion salad and a slider roll.

Scimeca’s Italian Sausage

  • Half-pound Italian sausage: $10

  • Quarter-pound jumbo all-beef hot dog: $7

Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop

  • Two Lulu rolls: $10

  • Three crab rangoons: $9

  • Pad Se Eu: $18

  • Pad Thai: $18


  • One Hand burger: $7

  • Two Hand burger: $9

  • Cajun buttermilk chicken thigh: $11

  • Eight wings and seasoned fry box: $18

  • Seasoned fries: $5

Bloom Baking Co.

  • Italian sub: $14

  • Turkey club: $13

  • The Beast: $14

  • Chicken Caesar wrap: $13

  • Kale and quinoa bowl: $13

  • Cookies: $4

  • Brownie: $5

  • Oatmeal cream pies: $6

Baba’s Pantry

  • Chicken wrap: $13

  • Vegan wrap: $14

  • Hummus combo: $12

  • Baklava: $6

KC Mac N’ Co.

  • Just Mac: $12

  • Honey serrano mac: $15

  • Cowboy Mac: $18

  • The Co. wedges: $7

The Granfalloon

  • Burnt end nachos: $15

  • Falloon burger: $12

  • Southwest chicken wrap: $11

  • Falloon brat: $9

  • Falloon wings: $10

  • Mars candies: $3

  • Frito-Lay chips: $2