Food Stamps Schedule: When Georgia SNAP Recipients Can Expect September 2022 Payments

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Georgia’s SNAP is run by the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services. The DFCS deposits monthly SNAP benefits to low-income households through the Georgia EBT card to help boost the food budgets of eligible households. According to the DFCS, a household may be an individual, a family or several unrelated individuals who regularly purchase and prepare meals together.

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Your Georgia SNAP EBT card can be used at most grocery stores and some retail locations displaying the EBT/Quest sign. Your benefits can be used to purchase most food items, excluding foods and drinks that are hot at the point of sale.

If you’re over the age of 60, living on a permanent fixed income and other members of your household are not working, you may qualify for Senior SNAP, which is a simplified application process.

You can apply online for SNAP through the Georgia Gateway online portal or by contacting your local DFCS office. The DFCS says that it typically takes five to seven days at application to receive your EBT card if you’ve never had a SNAP case. You should receive benefits on the normal schedule (seen below) after your case is reviewed. If your case has been closed and you’re being recertified, it takes two days for benefits to post to your EBT card.

Georgia also offers SNAP benefits replacement. If you’ve lost food purchased with your benefits due to weather disasters or other household misfortunes, you may request a replacement of those SNAP benefits. If you experience a food loss due to power outages of four hours or more, you could receive replacement benefits within 10 days after the report of a loss.

In Georgia, benefits are sent out from the 5th to the 23rd of each month, based on the last two digits of your ID number. Here is Georgia’s September 2022 SNAP schedule:

ID # ends in:

Benefits available:


Sept. 5th


Sept. 7th


Sept. 9th


Sept. 11th


Sept. 13th


Sept. 15th


Sept. 17th


Sept. 19th


Sept. 21st


Sept. 23rd

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