New food truck in Fort Worth serves up cheesy sandwich goodness next to wine bar

When local chef Scotty Scott moved to Fort Worth, he thought it would be a temporary stop. Five years later he’s put down roots and opened a food truck called Cheezy Does It in Near Southside.

“The community just embraced me,” he said. “I felt the energy here in terms of people trying to do stuff in cooking, in food, in music and art and everything just kind of had a buzz to it so I decided to stay.”

Cheezy Does It, located behind The Holly wine bar at 305 W. Daggett Ave., serves buttery, cheesy sandwiches that pair well with a glass of wine or can be enjoyed on their own.

Scott’s favorite menu item is the Goud Butt, which has gouda cheese, truffle butter, apple and mint on sourdough. For sides, Scott recommends the Duck Fat Home Fries, potatoes roasted in duck fat with a chimichurri aioli.

Ask about Cheezy Does It’s secret menu item, the Bow Chicken Wow Wow which is a karaage — Japanese-style fried chicken — with coleslaw and chili mayo.

The truck opened March 4 after a six month delay due to book tour traveling.

Scott’s first cookbook “Fix Me A Plate” was published in March 2022 and highlights traditional and new soul food recipes.

“I was hesitant about doing soul food just cause it’s a lot of history involved with it and it’s a very serious, as any ethnic cuisines are; I wanted to take it seriously. I’m not classically trained, I’m not a food historian so I wanted to make sure I was going to do it justice,” he said.

Scott said publishers Page Street Publishing found him through his Instagram account @cookdrankeat where he posts everything from savory meals to sweet treats.

The cookdrankeat account has over fifty thousand followers who like and comment on Scott’s video posts showing his fresh and new spin on recipes like black garlic ice cream and homemade, fried pb&j with pecan butter.

Scott said he grew up cooking and started a personal chef service about 10 years ago, but he had to stop because he was traveling frequently for work.

“Once I kind of settled down a bit, I decided to pick it back up and I took to Instagram, really just to promote the business, having no idea it was going to be what it is,” he said. “Yeah, it kind of just took off from there. It kind of pushes my creativity and I’ve always had a passion for not only cooking but photography, so it’s kind of a good melding of those two passions.”