Foods That Resemble the Body Part They Benefit

You are what you eat – but it might be truer than ever! The Doctors examine foods that resemble the body parts that they are beneficial for.

The panel looks into a slew of healthy edibles with the idea that food can be your medicine, not your poison.

Oranges: resembles the breasts.

Breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk explains that antioxidants in citrus fruits can help with breast health. Those who consume these fruits regularly have around a 10 percent drop in breast cancer incidents. In addition to oranges, she recommends tangerines and grapefruits along with finding ways to incorporate citrus into meals other than breakfast.

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Grapes: resembles the lungs

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says that red grapes and especially the skin of the fruit are very high in resveratrol, which is another strong antioxidant. It can also act as an expectorant to help with phlegm. He notes that green grapes are also high in resveratrol.

Avocados: resembles a fetus in a womb

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that the healthy fats in avocados are extremely helpful for women while they are pregnant and says the types of fats in the green superfood may help some women shed some of their post-pregnancy pounds.

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Figs: resembles testicles

Dr. Ordon explains the fruit can help with testicular health, specifically the production of sperm. He says the magnesium-filled fruit can help one’s sperm health and is also a good food for testicular cancer patients to consume.