FoodToker Goes Viral For ASMR Sourdough Recipe

Some would say she's had a loaf-changing experience.

People are continually discovering the relaxing magic of ASMR, and one of the best places for this is TikTok.

One unique, soothing-to-your-ears video that's recently risen in popularity was shared by a food-centric TikToker who documented her process of making sourdough bread, ASMR-style. 

The short clip went viral after TikTok user cafehailee, whose real name is Hailee Catalano, shared it with her followers.

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In the video, Catalano added ingredients, whisked, cooled, cut, and showcased all of the steps needed to make something delicious, what she called "a fresh sourdough loaf with cinnamon apple whipped brown butter." 

At the end of the TikTok, she took a bite of her beautifully-made bread and butter, and viewers couldn't help but feel jealous.

Many people praised Catalano's talent, both in cooking and ASMR. 

One person even went as far as to say, "Adopt me please," to which Catalano replied with a laugh and a few heart emojis. 

"I am absolutely loving being this early, your videos give me so much comfort," someone else admitted.

"Your account is my safe place 😊❤️," added another.

A longtime viewer of the channel even had a request for Catalano, "hailee can u do coffee vids again... this bread and a warm latte would be so 🥰🥰🥰🥰."

Catalano isn't just on TikTok, as the baker and chef has an Instagram that she is just as active on, as well as her own website where she posts her full recipes (including one for the cinnamon apple whipped brown butter).

Some of the other recipes on her website include shaved apple and endive salad, watermelon burrata pesto toast, and chorizo quinoa stuffed squash.

If you want to try out these recipes yourself, or you just like watching soothing videos of other people cooking, give Catalano's TikTok a follow!

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