Footage Taken Minutes Prior to Collapse Shows Water Spilling Into Surfside Condo Garage

Original footage obtained by Storyful shows a stream of water spilling into the basement level garage of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida, only minutes prior to its partial collapse in the early hours of June 24.

This video, taken from across the street near a hotel just to the north of the condo, captures water draining down into the garage. The cause and the extent of damage at the time is unclear, but onlookers can be heard after being drawn to the scene. The uploader told Storyful that car alarms were audible coming from inside the garage and damage to the basement level was apparent from outside.

Storyful analyzed this footage and confirmed that it was taken only minutes before the collapse.

“The basement was the first to collapse,” wrote Adriana Sarmiento, who initially uploaded footage to Tiktok.

Shortly after the condominium collapsed, the user uploaded separate video showing the building laying in ruins.

A week after the incident, the death toll has risen to 18, while a further 145 people remain unaccounted for, according to local officials. Credit: Adriana Sarmiento via Storyful

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