Football fans fall ill on Monday after the big game, catching the ‘Super Bowl flu’

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Kansas City Chiefs are now back to back Super Bowl Champions.

While many fans in California are left heart-broken, some say having Monday off would make the defeat feel a little lighter.

“Let me tell you man, I had to come to work and I was rushing because I had so much rose yesterday it was unbelievable,” said 49’ers fan Eduardo Sagastume. “I feel like I’m not the only one, I don’t see nobody out here, so we should have definitely had more sleep and just call off.”

An estimated 16 million workers were expected to call in on Super Sick Monday, bringing the phenomenon of Super Bowl Flu.

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Tino Miller knows the feeling of going to work after a Super Bowl Party too well, but this year he had the day off and is using it to regroup.

“Sad, hungover, just down bad….the vibes are low, but we’re picking it up,” said Tino Miller, also a 49’ers fan. “Big niners fan, big Bay Area fan and it just came out short.”

This poses the question of if the Super Bowl should move to Saturday, or stay on Sunday while having Monday off?

“It’s weird…being a football guy, it belongs on Sundays,” said Tino Miller. “It’d be nice to have the next day off for sure if you work an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or a Monday through Friday schedule.”

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