Football returns to Oakland high schools after long delay

"Really breathtaking, surreal almost," said Skyline Junior Lucas Gerblot about the return to playing on the field.

Video Transcript

- The weather also made for a nice night in the East Bay, where high school football has returned to Oakland Unified, six months after the season would have normally started. ABC7 News reporter Matt Boone spoke to players and parents about what it means to be back on the field.


MATT BOONE: Skyline junior Lucas Gerblot says it's hard to describe how it feels to finally be back.

LUCAS GERBLOT: It was very exciting that we actually were able to get this going, get the season going. So it was really breathtaking. Yeah, it's surreal almost.

MATT BOONE: He says he wasn't sure it would even happen.

LUCAS GERBLOT: We had some false hope during the fall.

MATT BOONE: The prospect of getting back on the field was dampened again, however, dealing with a leg injury.

LUCAS GERBLOT: Hopefully next week, I'll start practicing getting back into knowing the plays and hopefully on the field for our next game against Tech.

MATT BOONE: The shortened four-game season and district playoffs is something, but stressful for the seniors who were hoping to get recruited, says OUSD spokesperson, John Sasaki.

JOHN SASAKI: They would have a much better idea right now on what that's gonna mean for them going forward, as far as going to college.

MATT BOONE: And that was the case for McClymonds senior JC Davis.

LEVY DAVIS: He might get a walk-on at Fresno State, we're hoping for that, but he got accepted to Fresno State.

MATT BOONE: But his dad says they may take another route.

LEVY DAVIS: He might have to go to a JC a few years just to get noticed again, you know? Because right now four games isn't a lot, you know, in your last year.

MATT BOONE: For now, it's just about enjoying what they can.

GRETA DAVIS: He was excited to be out there. He was very nervous this morning when I dropped him off at McClymonds. And he said-- I said, are you nervous? And he said, yeah, a little bit, Mom, he said, but I'm gonna do it. He said, I'm gonna shine.

MATT BOONE: In Oakland, Matt Boone, ABC7 News.