Chunks of ash so big you can hear them land hit the Bay Area as California fires rage

Brooke Wolford
·2 min read

Photos from California residents show apocalyptic scenes as chunks of ash the size of footballs and burnt leaves rain down on Bay Area neighborhoods.

It was probably the size of my face,” Morgan Balaei, a Santa Rosa resident, told the San Francisco Chronicle after she discovered what she originally thought was a toupee on the side of the road in her neighborhood on Monday.

It was actually a chunk of ash, bigger than she had ever seen before in her years of living in Sonoma County, according to the Chronicle.

I could hear it landing on my car,” said Balaei, according to CNN.

The ash is likely a result of the Glass Fire in Northern California, which has burned more than 36,000 acres in less than two days, The Sacramento Bee reported. Although Balaei has seen some nasty wildfires in her time as a California resident, she says she’s never seen anything quite like this.

“I find this fire different with regards to the amount of ash and the fact that you see a lot of burnt leaves among it,” she said, according to KFI.

Satellite images from the Bay Area’s National Weather Service show smoke from the Glass Fire blowing west.

Balaei’s neighborhood is not under a mandatory evacuation despite the unsettling situation, according to CNN. Several other Bay Area residents posted photos of ash that resemble snow flurries covering their yards.

A Santa Rosa resident referred to the size and amount of ash seen at sunrise on Sept. 28 as “daunting” in a tweet. A Bay Area meteorologist tweeted that “extensive ash falling” in Santa Rosa is from the Shady Fire.