Ford Reportedly Eyeing Jeep Gladiator with Bronco Pickup Truck

Alexander Stoklosa
Photo credit: Alexander Stoklosa - Car and Driver

From Car and Driver

  • Automobile Magazine published a report claiming that the upcoming Ford Bronco SUV will spawn a pickup variant.
  • Multiple sources confirm that the project has been alive within Ford since before the Jeep Gladiator pickup, the Bronco truck's ultimate competitor, arrived this year.
  • If indeed in the works, the Bronco pickup wouldn't appear until 2024.

Some bits of automotive news deserve a screamer of a title, and "Ford to build a Bronco pickup truck!" is deserving of the exclamation-point treatment. Here is Ford's upcoming Bronco revival, a new take on the brand's iconic four-by-four SUV that's set to compete head-on with Jeep's Wrangler, and according to Automobile, it's gonna get a pickup version. They've even rendered what this could look like, so click through to their site for an idea of what the truck might look like not covered in a sheet.

Of course the Bronco pickup would compete head-on with Jeep's Gladiator. (The regular Bronco SUV, which will be built in two- and four-door variants, will chase the Wrangler, which is the Gladiator's SUV counterpart.) According to Automobile, a source has confirmed that the Bronco with a bed will be based on the next-generation mid-size Ranger pickup.

This brings us to an amusing track: The Bronco SUV also will be based on the Ranger, meaning the Bronco pickup would be a pickup based on an SUV that is based on an identically sized pickup (the Ranger). It's safe to assume the Bronco version would be more off-road capable, more expensive, and look several times more badass than even the most badass Ranger variant.

This isn't mere speculation, either. Automobile says that the Bronco pickup is slated to appear by 2024 according to AutoForecast Solutions, an automotive industry future forecaster. Ford, for its part, refused to participate in any discussion of future product with Automobile, meaning the automaker is staying mum on the subject for now.

Let's hope the Bronco pickup is real—it'd be the first of its kind since the original 1960s-era Bronco, which was initially available as a two-door trucklet before the lineup transitioned solely to the SUV format.

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