Ford set to reveal F-150 Lightning electric pick-up truck

Ford will premiere its F-150 Lightning electric pick-up truck on May 19. Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi shares the details.

Video Transcript

MYLES UDLAND: All right, welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live on this Tuesday morning. Big week for retailers, but, Brian Sozzi, also a big week for Ford. They're now just over 24 hours out from the announcement of, I guess, an electric truck that really is going to set the trajectory of this company over the next decade considering the F-150 is where their bread is buttered.

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, this is going to be-- this is a very important release tomorrow evening for Ford, the F-150 Lightning, their first electric pickup truck. And all eyes are on what type of innovation they draw. We don't know much here. But what we do know, this will be the fastest truck that Ford ever put out there. Right now, that honor goes to the 450 horsepower Ford F-150 Raptor, which I've driven before. It will absolutely rip your face off.

But nonetheless, very important release for Ford, coming at a time where they're also dealing with the semiconductor shortage. They have come out, and they have noted a potential $2 and 1/2 billion operating profit hit this year because of that shortage.

But they're also coming at a time when their stock price, up 38% year to date, outperforming General Motors, up 35%. And April sales up 65%. So the narrative is starting to change on Ford. They've had success with the new Bronco, the new electrified Mustang Mach-E. That has helped power their April results. But clearly, all eyes on this F-150 because it is the F-150. It is these pickup trucks that are the bread and butter for a company like Ford.

JULIE HYMAN: I have to wonder what the--

MYLES UDLAND: I was going to say, Sozzi--

JULIE HYMAN: --demand is going to be--

MYLES UDLAND: Oh, go ahead, Julie.

JULIE HYMAN: --for these things. I'm just wondering what-- you know, the F-150 itself, like, the part of the-- like, the being of the F-150 is the combustion engine, no? I mean, it's, like, this big muscular car. And so I am curious about the electric-- the demand for the electric version. I don't know.

BRIAN SOZZI: It's going to come down to two things. How much does this electric truck tow? What is the towing capacity on it? And what is the price? Were they able to get the price down low enough where the average person drives, goes in the dealership, plunks down $40,000, $50,000 for a traditional F-150. Can they make it affordable? It's very important, but we will put those questions to Ford CEO Jim Farley. He's coming on the show Thursday morning after this truck is released.

MYLES UDLAND: Yeah, and, you know, to that point about the towing capacity for the F-150, I imagine there's still going to be a long tail of iced F-150s that are sold for people who need to tow it. But, you know, for suburban tools like me who think I want to be cool and get a pickup truck, I guess, the electric is going to be fine. What am I really putting in it beside the kids and some baseball bags? So, given where the F-150 sits as a family car now, I think the electric version will be just fine for most folks out there.